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Vitamin/Mineral Supplement for Swine

REG # 420408


Product Description:

ISF Swine Performance Pak is formulated to boost grower, developer, and finisher diets using ISF Hog Specific. When added to the grower at the recommended rate, the resulting formula would be nutritionally equal to ISF Piglet Specific 50 diet. Some producers prefer this flexibility. This supplement is also a great choice to boost the diets during times of low feed intake and stress or when maximum performance is desired.

Typical Use:

ISF Swine Performance Pak is used to increase fortification in different stages of production in the grower, developer, and finishing diets, allowing a better balance for each stage of production. It is also used to boost diets during low feed intakes, summer feeding and times of stress or when maximum gain and feed efficiency is the goal.

Feeding Rate:

Mix ISF Swine performance Pak according to the label directions with grain, protein sources and ISF Hog Specific to produce 1000 kg of complete swine ration. Feed as the sole ration to pigs from 15 kg to market weight. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.

How to Order

Item (Product) # Package Size Description
800 2 0210 25 kg Paper/Woven Poly Bags

ISF suggests that all customers consult a qualified nutritionist to provide specific ration feeding directions to obtain maximum benefit from feeding ISF products.

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