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Herbageum Buffer Feed for Beef Cattle
REG # 982782

Product Description:

ISF Bufferpac is a combination of buffers designed for cattle receiving high levels of grain or corn silage. Optimum levels of Bicarbonate Soda, Magnesium Oxide along with other electrolytes, sugars, and herbs and spices flavouring round out this nutritional package.

Typical Use:

Use in the finishing stages of feedlot operations when cattle are fed higher levels of grain and corn silage or if cattle consume inadequate forage. With its combination of buffer substances, ISF Bufferpac will help keep the cattle’s rumen pH at more normal levels thereby helping to reduce the risk of acidosis.

Feeding Rate:

Topdress or mix ISF Bufferpac with grain and protein sources to provide specified amount according to the following table. Provide adequate forages along with clean, freshwater at all times. (Only to be used for the ruminant speciesspecified receiving high grain or concentrate rations.)


Species Grams/Head/Day
Beef Cattle 200

How to Order

Item (Product) # Package Size Description
800 2 4015 20 kg Paper/Woven Poly Bags

ISF suggests that all customers consult a qualified nutritionist to provide specific ration feeding directions to obtain maximum benefit from feeding ISF products.

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