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Herbageum Vitamin/Mineral Premix for Horses
REG # 830088

Product Description:

ISF Dan Patch Supreme Supplement, while containing the same vitamin/mineral base as ISF Horse Specific, is packed with special additives, probiotics, herbs and spices flavouring as well as B-vitamins. ISF Dan Patch Supreme was designed for horses undergoing more intensive activities or subjected to stressful situations. Dan Patch was the famous Standardbred race horse that was owned by the founder of ISF. Dan Patch broke the one mile pacing record of 1:55 minutes in 1906 which he held for 32 years. That special Dan Patch supplemental formula lives on in today’s modernized Dan Patch Supreme formulation.

Typical Use:

ISF Dan Patch Supreme is now fed to all classes of horses when optimum nutritional supplementation is desired. Originally developed for high intensity racing horses like Dan Patch, this highly fortified product is now routinely fed to Heavy Horses, Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds and active pleasure horses across Canada. Horses just love the taste and aroma of this simple to use,highly effective and nutritionally sound specialty product.

Feeding Rate:

Topdress or mix 25 kg of ISF Dan Patch Supreme with 12.5kg salt and grain and protein sources to make 1000 kg of supplemental ration. Feed this ration to provide specified amounts according to the following table. Provide adequate forage with clean fresh water at all times.


Species Dan Patch Supreme
Grain Mix
Stallions 50 – 100 2 – 4
Brood Mares 50 – 100 2 – 4
Working Horses 50 2
Foals 25 1
Colts 25 – 50 1 – 2

How to Order

Item (Product) # Package Size Description
800 2 3229 25 kg Paper/Woven Poly Bags
800 2 3224 10 kg Plastic Pail
800 2 3291 5 kg Plastic Pail

ISF suggests that all customers consult a qualified nutritionist to provide specific ration feeding directions to obtain maximum benefit from feeding ISF products.

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