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Herbageum Vitamin/Mineral Supplement for Beef Dry Cows
REG # 621082

Product Description:

ISF Beef Dry Cow is a vitamin/mineral supplement designed to provide all the major minerals including salt, trace minerals, and vitamins needed by today’s modern high producing beef cows. ISF Beef Dry Cow has the correct amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus to balance the typical diets found in most Beef farms, along with a high fortification of trace minerals and vitamins. Herbs and spices flavouring are added to help enhance palatability. This product has been formulated to allow beef cows to meet targeted consumption rates when fed free choice. Do not provide additional salt when free choice feeding this product unless consumption rates exceed targeted rates.

Typical Use:

Use for beef dry cows receiving hay or pasture. In diets with high amounts of corn or cereal silage the ration should be supplemented with additional calcium, or ISF Beef Nurse Cow could be fed as it contains higher calcium levels.

Feeding Rate:

Feed at a rate of 100 grams per head per day, or mix 50 kg with grain and protein sources to make 1000 kg of Beef Dry Cow Supplemental Ration. Feed this supplemental ration at a rate of 2.0 kg per head per day along with adequate forage and supply clean, fresh water at all times.

How to Order

Item (Product) # Package Size Description
800 2 2049 25 kg Paper/Woven Poly Bags

ISF suggests that all customers consult a qualified nutritionist to provide specific ration feeding directions to obtain maximum benefit from feeding ISF products.

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