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International Stock Food (ISF)
122 Years and Growing

ISF Beginnings – The son of a country doctor, Will Savage was born in 1859 in Ohio, but grew up in West Liberty, Iowa. Savage married in 1881 and was an Iowa farmer until the floods ruined his crops. His real career began when he started clerking in a West Liberty drug store. Observing the local farmers livestock food and drug purchases, Will decided to manufacture these supplies himself. He formed a partnership with a supposed friend who soon made off with their funds, leaving 27 year old Will Savage almost penniless. In 1886 Savage sought a new start in Minneapolis Minnesota. Minneapolis had become the center of expanding dairy farming and livestock industries, as well as the state agricultural college. Starting in a small livestock food manufacturing plant and utilizing the local scientists, he continued to grow the business and in a few years expanded with the purchase of the huge exposition building on the river in Minneapolis. There, he centered his International Stock Food company, which soon had affiliated plants in Toronto, and in Memphis, and overseas in Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Germany, and even in Czarist, Russia. Savage’s background in pharmaceutical knowledge and the use of herbs, spices, and essential oils as conditioners in the ISF specific lines of products sold so well that the ISF company grew to employ 300 people at head office.

ISF Facilities, Past & Present

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Centralia, Ontario, Canada

ISF started carrying Silo Guard®II in the early 60’s, and the business moved from Toronto, to Cambridge, Ontario in 1980. ISF was purchased by Ken and Sally Palen and family in April 2007 and now continues to prosper in Centralia, Ontario, Canada. ISF’s new, fully bar-coded Feed Assure (HACCP) certified manufacturing facility combined with a new team of nutritionists and technical advisors will ensure that our customers benefit in today’s highly competitive food production market.

The experience of the highly specialized record setting formulas from the past combined with the new additional nutritional ingredients available today offer nutritional options to livestock owners and producers that only years of experience can supply.

Reference: Adapted from The Great Dan Patch and the Remarkable Mr. Savage by Tim Brady 2006.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Your herd deserves the best. Discover how ISF can meet your nutritional needs.

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